VDS Product Launch Case Study
Market Research; Strategic Development; Lead Generation, Creative & Design; Production Analysis and Reporting


Known for “leading innovation” for over 150 years, Toshiba is a highly successful Global 100 provider of advanced systems, products and solutions. One of their latest creations—a new cloud-based Virtual Desktop Service (VDS)—freed professionals to be more agile and productive by giving them access to the applications they need—anywhere, and from any device.

Amid the hyper-competitive tech market, it was critical to quickly educate, motivate and generate trial for this product among IT executives. 33 Degrees eagerly took up the challenge.


Getting inside the minds and influencing behavior of IT professionals and C-level executives proved a challenging but worthy assignment.

33 Degrees did what it does best—with meticulous research, keen insights, plus carefully crafted messaging and creative work. The result was a nimble multi-touch marketing campaign that included:

Highly targeted email blasts
Follow-up phone calls by Toshiba reps—scripted by 33 Degrees
An enticing white paper "freemium" to drive trial

27.2% email open rates!


In the first month of the annual program, we received a 2.9% response rate, which exceeded the client’s early expectations. All told, the final results reached 6% gift certificate redemption.