SCE Communities for Conservation Case Study
Strategic Analysis; Overall Program Development; Creative; Multichannel Direct Marketing; Print Production; Website Development


Southern Californians tend to consider themselves fairly energy-aware. Yet studies showed a gap between perception and a true energy-efficient lifestyle. SCE was in a prime position to shift consumer behavior, and part of a joint effort to do just that—the Communities for Conservation program, which aimed to get apartment complexes to cut electricity, natural gas and water usage up to 20% through a healthy competition.

Even with this great program on deck, SCE was struggling for compelling ways to reach out and engage customers. It was a big challenge. But nothing’s too big for 33 Degrees—SCE’s go-to “resource”.


Because changing behavior is always hard, and the program goals were so ambitious, 33 Degrees knew an initial hard-hitting recruitment drive was key to success. Unleashing our own boundless creative energy, we went to work crafting a series of attention-grabbing components that included:

  • A press release to generate buzz within the owner and tenant segments
  • Program opt-in agreements
  • Inspiring emails detailing the program
  • An engaging program website offering prizes for energy-saving actions, ideas, tips and photos

Next came a plethora of materials designed to reinforce the program and spark the competitive spirit of local apartment communities:

  • Inspiring collateral, direct mail and emails
  • Motivating onsite materials like counter cards, posters, lawn signs, banner stands and brochures
  • Exciting usage reports to track progress

Energy awareness up, energy usage down!


Slated to run for slightly over a year, the program launched in mid-2017, and immediately began “energizing” Southland residents to change their habits. Initial analysis revealed a significant downward trend in resource usage.