LG G4 Promotion Case Study
Strategic Development; Creative; Web Development; Print Production; Database Management; Data Collection; Fulfillment and Distribution


When powerhouse LG released their new G4 smart phone, they were up against challenging marketplace competition. Samsung, Motorola, Google and Apple all launched some bold new devices but LG was determined to stand out from the clutter — and to do that, they had to find the one angle consumers couldn't resist: FREE STUFF.

But developing a program, promoting it with finesse and capturing both loyal and new buyers was no easy task. LG needed to engage with think-tank quality brains, technological maestros, creative masters and logistics warriors to take it from the starting gate to the finish line. So, they did. They turned to 33 Degrees.


We strategized to develop the promotion and the offer's key communication points. After collaborating on messaging, we built and managed a seamless microsite that was fully integrated with the LG website to promote G4s.

  • Microsite Details: Our super smart tech staff managed the back-end administration of the microsite, making sure the input and tracking functionality flowed smoothly; consumer-facing communications were on strategy and problem-free, and the overall online experience progressed without a hitch. And, the functionality worked to not only facilitate the program, but also to gather survey information on customers’ purchase behavior and preferences.
  • Supporting Materials: Our creative and print production squad developed and produced artwork and messaging to cohesively integrate with LG’s promotional branding and went out to all consumers who purchased the G4 model
  • Fulfillment: Our crew closed the loop to ensure the promotional materials were meticulously packaged and delivered directly to participants. By leveraging our full capabilities through both divisions, all aspects of the promotion were successfully executed.

Sales and product awareness: off the hook!


The promotion was an overwhelming success. Phone sales increased and over a quarter of a million consumers filed for rebate redemptions.