Sales Channel Promotion


Although they’re one of the world’s great brands—with strong retailer relationships, LG Mobile knew they needed a serious clutter-cutting launch kit for their new phones to grab the attention of retail execs, plus increase purchase recommendations and sell-through.

These new devices were a tech-lover’s dream. But the market was saturated, and a lot was at stake.

As they had countless times before, LG called on 33 Degrees for a brilliant plan. They got one.


Our award-winning creative team crafted a wow-inducing “anticipation campaign” by infusing intrigue, interaction and excellent swag into LG’s product launch.

The phone launch campaigns included:

  • A stunning, open-me-now box design
  • Touch-responsive, heat-sensitive thermal ink to create interactivity
  • Special pre-market-launch deployment to instill a sense of exclusivity

Phones started ringing across the country as retail executives received their kits and poured out their positive feedback. And, our exciting launch kits produced:

  • Extended top-of-desk shelf life
  • A tremendous PR bump
  • Super-high awareness of both product and features
  • Increased sales